Support for Swami Sanand’s fast from various people- II

22 August, 2018 Dear Prof. G. D. Agrawal, We know that you have now  a new identity: you are now known as Swami Gyan Swarup Sanand. However, to us you remain our dear teacher Prof. G. D. Agrawal, and to some of us, our first warden at IIT, Kanpur. So you are like a father… Read more »

Support for Swami Sanand’s fast from various people

            86 years old Swami Gyanswaroop Sanand, formerly known as Professor G.D. Agrawal, of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Member-Secretary Central Pollution Control Board, is on fast unto death at Haridwar since 22 June, 2018, demanding a law for conservation of river Ganga. He has played an important role in stalling 3 hydroelectric projects… Read more »