Letter to PM 24th Feb 2018

Uttar Kashi,

24th February 2018 CE

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India

My dear younger brother Narendra Modi,

May you attain the glory of having fulfilled the obligations to your mother, father and ancestors.

Brother, your becoming the Prime Minister happened much later, amongst the sons of Mā Gangā jī, I am 18 years older than you. Till the commencement of 2014 General Elections, you too spoke of being a sensible, understanding, beloved as well as a committed son of Mā Gangā jī – and having won those Elections with the blessings of our Mā (mother) and the grace of Lord Rama, now you seem to be trapped amidst a group of greedy, luxury-loving sons and daughters of our mother. In order to source the instruments of such luxurious living of these unworthy children (such as electricity in abundance), which you and your ilk call ‘development’, sometimes taking the shape of building waterways intending to turn the aged mother to a mule that carries the burden; and at other times, for the sake of fulfilling the needs of electricity, turned her into an enabler like oxen for plough or bulls meant for drawing carts/vehicles or a steer for a machines like pressers. A lot of blood of the mother is already being spent on maintaining a battalion of hungry, unworthy sons and daughters whose hunger never seems to end and they seem to have absolutely no care or concern for the deteriorating health of the mother. It is by the strength acquired from the blood of the mother that some of the members of your hang-men quartet have become heroes and their eye is always on the squeezing out of whatever blood left with the mother, no matter whether the mother survives or even succumbs. Your Constitution has granted these adults the right to reckon the mother, not as mother, but as property. Intelligent children, even as they are young and have not yet attained their adulthood, think about discharging their obligation of repayment of debt to the mother (mātṛ ṛṇa utārna) as well as keeping the mother in good health as well in comfort and also explain to their unthinking brothers and sisters. These intelligent children can never ever think of burdening the mother, to hold her to plough, or machines like crushers to acquire such instruments that fulfil their selfish interests like their unthinking, unworthy, selfish brothers and sisters, leave alone thinking of sucking the blood out of the mother.

Being your elder brother, and also being elder to you in both education and intellect, and above all being someone who is ready to stake his all for the health-comfort-happiness of Mā Gangā jī even before you have done so, in respect of issues relating to Gangā jī, I have the locus to explain to you and even have the right to give you directives in relation to the number of ailments, psychic and otherwise of the mother which do not get reduced because of your being crowned based both on your good fortune as well as on the strength of clever manoeuvring of popular pulse. It is with this right that I am presenting before you the following expectations for your action:

Expectation (A): Stop ALL the construction activities on the:

(1) Vishnugad-Pipalkoti project that cuts asunder the Alakananda arm

(2) Phata-Byung and Singoli-Bhatwari projects that cuts asunder the Mandakini arm

of Tripathā Mā Gangā jī and these remain completely stopped till:

(a) there be an extensive discussion followed by vote-by-division method in the Parliament in respect of Expectation (B) and taking a decision keeping the interests beneficial(hita) to Mā Gangā jī in mind, and

(b) the receipt of consent of the Parishad formed as per Expectation (C)

Expectation (B): Your Government constituted a Committee under chairmanship of Justice (Retired) Giridhar Malviya for preparation of Draft Act for the protection as well as to rejuvenate the health of Mā Gangā jī about two years ago, and after the submission of the Draft Bill by the Committee, which without any delay should have been presented in the Parliament for discussion and passed, whoever has committed the crime of passing it into the cold storage, whether it is you and if not you, your unworthy colleagues or officers – they be dismissed and as an act of self repentance, get the Bill passed and enforced. Let the Parliament not take up any other activity in Vikram Samvat. 2075 till the Draft Bill for Mā Gangā jī’s protection is not passed and enforced – not even tributes or condolence motions or the Question Hour – nothing should be considered before the protection of Mā Gangā jī now.

Expectation (C): Within the State, a Gangā Bhakta Parishad be constituted which will have members from both the Government as well as Non-Government and each of who, upon taking their membership take an oath that at all times whether they think, talk or act will keep in mind the interests beneficial (hita) to Gangājī and whatever statement, suggestion, mention, consent or action will never be in a manner that causes even the minutest of harm even if it has minutest likelihood of occurrence. In respect of any construction or developmental activities on Gangājī, apart from it being in accordance with the law passed as per Expectation (B) but also must take the consent of Gangā Bhakta Parishad.

Having observed the priorities as well as the mode of action of you as well as your Government over the past three years and more, the possibility of my expectations being fulfilled within my lifetime are negligible and the unbearable pain caused because of the neglect of the interests beneficial to Mā Gangā jī has made my life itself unbearable – therefore, I have decided that with the above three expectations of mine remaining unfulfilled by Gangā Dussehra (22nd June 2018 CE), I will go on a fast unto death and with a prayer to the descendant of Mahārājā Bhagīratha — who brought Mā Gangā jī to earth — the all-powerful Lord Ram — that for the charges of having harmed the interests beneficial to Mā Gangā as well as having killed Gangā Bhakta elder brother, you be given appropriate punishment and with such a prayer, I will give my life up.

Your Mā Gangā Bhakta elder brother,

Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand

(before samnyasa – Dr. G D Agrawala, former Professor, IIT Kanpur

and former Member-Secretary CPCB, New Delhi)

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  • This is very unfortunate that a Great Man who has devoted his life for the betterment of our whole nation has died due to Governments negligence. We are responsible for his untimely death. Many of our freedom fighter who had sacrificed their life for independence of our country. The independence of our country is just an eye wash. This is very unfortunate for us that a man who is involved in communal riot is being elected prime minister. There is no value of sacrifices of the Great Men in our country. Until and unless these corrupt inhuman beings exist in our administration, we will loss so many Great Men in the days to come. The leaders only think of their vote-bank and they are greedy to acquire power only, they do not think for the country. But this is sure they will have to suffer for their evil deed.

    We all pray to the Almighty that his desire is fulfilled so that his departed soul rests in peace in heaven.

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